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DWTS Recap: Halloween Night!

October 31, 2017

Boo! I mean… Hey guys! PLEASE tell me you tuned in to DWTS last night?? I’m only asking because…  No big deal, but Frankie and I received our very first PERFECT SCORE!! If you can’t tell by the ALL CAPS, I’m clearly still freaking out over it! We did a creepy contemporary routing in honor of Halloween and it turned out so well! Can I just say that Frankie has come SO far since Day 1? He went from being incredibly nervous and unsure, to basically choreographing his own moves. I’m not even kidding, parts of this routine were his idea! He is such a natural and I am so thrilled that he’s finally coming all the way out of his shell. His acting skills really shone through as well, I swear he is maybe a little TOO good at being scary… Watch the dance below and let us know what you think! Even though the judges gave us 10s across the board, we still need your votes! It’s the only way Frankie and I can keep on dancing! And trust me, we REALLY want to keep dancing!

If you love my partner as much as I do, click HERE to vote 🙂




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