DWTS Season 27, Night 5

October 9, 2018

Hey Babes!

Woo! Week three of
Dancing with the Stars! This may be one of my favorite dances so far this season! This week Milo and I did a Jive. Milo totally owned this dance and made it his own. I loved when he jumped up on the judge’s table and backflipped off of it, I mean c’mon! The energy for this number was so high and I had so much fun performing it. He even had a hamstring injury but totally crushed it. He is so dedicated and I was so impressed by how much he has grown as a dancer within the past few weeks. The best part is that we got a “9” from each judge, for an overall score of 27 out of 30! This is our best score yet, so I am so happy to see our hard work is paying off.

Thank you so much for all of your votes and support! We appreciate it so much. See you on stage tonight!

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