Holiday Fitness

December 20, 2016

Today I’m teaming up Nike to talk about my fitness routine and hopefully we can all motivate each other! Working out and staying a healthy is so important, not only physically but mentally too! Even though I can feel so unmotivated sometimes I try to get my butt in the gym or even just a jog around the neighborhood everyday. Not only does it help me stay in shape (stamina wise) for Dancing With The Stars show but it really makes me so much happier! Working out/any type of physical activity releases hormones that make you happy. It can be a stress reliever and can be so therapeutic! For me I love to run, or should I say walk/jog, Pilates, yoga or kick boxing (which is my fave). All the stresses and pressure from life, from DWTS can be too much and when I workout I feel motivated and it really helps my stress levels to have some physical activity in my daily routine.
During the Christmas season it’s so hard to get on a good work out schedule. All you wanna do is stay in drink hot cocoa and eat all the delicious treats, am I right?! How do you stay fit and healthy through the holiday season?
Eating is a big one for me to stay fit. I love love love sweets, it’s so hard for me to stay away! What makes it worse is I’m not one of those girls that can just eat whatever and stay fit, I have to work really really hard! Honestly though I’ve grown to love my body and appreciate the curves I have. I was ashamed of my figure and really self conscious about my body. Which at times I still feel self conscious about my body! I’ve come a long way in how I view myself and my body. By eating Whole Foods and staying away from the produced, high sodium foods I’ve really noticed a difference! I feel so much stronger and healthier which is what really matters instead of how much you weigh. As women we can get so wrapped up in looking a certain way, but you are all so beautiful! Stay healthy and let me know your favorite workouts or how you stay motivated!


Holiday Overalls

December 11, 2016







Who’s says you can’t wear overalls in winter?
Honestly I thought I could never wear overalls especially flared overalls because of my body shape, but they are so comfortable and totally stylish for any occasion. If you guys know me at all, I’m all about wanting to feel good in the outfits and clothes I wear, & sometimes/all the time its a t-shirt and sweats. I find frequently its so hard to find clothes that I feel good in that are still stylish and look like I tried. I’m here to give you girls some confidence and some inspiration on cute comfy clothes you can feel great in.
…On that note… πŸ™‚

I paired these 70’s overalls with a long sleeve bodysuit which has been my go to item all winter! So easy to throw on AND gives you that extra tightness to keep it all in (if you know what I’m saying) πŸ˜‰
Okay, let me talk a little bit about the bag. The Lady Bag LV and I have teamed up to give y’all some luggage/purse inspiration.
These bags are to die for!
I love this company, they refurbish Louis Vuitton bags that are beautifully restored and marked down to an affordable price. Click here to get your own.

Here are the items below that I’m wearing in the photos above. If you wanna check em out they are linked on my shop style account below! Enjoy!

Star Shine

December 9, 2016





Teaming up with Revolve clothing was so much fun! They have so many cute and stylish things for a reasonable price. Love this star dress, that really you can wear to any occasion. Especially for a night out with ice cream! Click the links below to find the products pictured above.


Happy Holidays!

December 6, 2016







Happy Holidays my friends!! So happy to be home and enjoying this amazing season with people I love. I hope you and your famalies have magical holiday season filled with joy and love!

Wishing everyone the best,

Witney, Carson & Roxy
You can find my cardigan here
all photos by Jessica Janae

Winter Wedding Inspiration

December 4, 2016


Hey guys! Today on the blog I wanted to give you an inside scoop on my winter wedding! I can’t believe its almost been one whole year since Carson and I got married! Honestly it was the best decision I’ve ever made in my life, I really did get so lucky. Now, if you’re planning a winter wedding either this year or next I advise a big HUGE jacket! Seriously the day we took our bridals, and the day we got married it was -8 degrees! Yes, I’m not joking but it makes for great photos! Shout out to India Earl(she’s on instagram) who I can’t thank enough for capturing our happiness in the freezing cold. As they say beauty is pain people! lol. I had a lot of great people behind me to make this wedding extra special and extra magical, but really I knew what I wanted it to look like. For the reception I picked Noah’s Event Venue, they were so accommodating and really put my vision to life. I wanted it to feel warm and cozy, so I dimmed the lights and put candles on the each long table for our reception. Lots of greenery and neutral colors, with eggplant to accent and brighten up the room. Guys, and the cake!! Can we just talk about the cake for two seconds because this was the best tasting cake on the planet! It was made by Sugar Kisses Cakes and it was so amazing. The look was seasonal and a perfect fit for my winter wonderland wedding. For my bouquet, which I completely LOVED SO MUCH was a combination of so many different in season flowers. I knew I wanted greenery but L Floral Studio in Utah County and did a fantastic job and really created a beautiful arrangement. I’m so happy with everything that was created on this day and for everyone who worked so hard to make it special. More importantly this was the best day of my life, where I got to start a new life with my best friend. I hope this give you some inspiration for your special day! Oh, before I forget my hair was done by Dean Bano (who’s my very favorite guncle) and my makeup was by Vivian Johnson! Comment below if you’d like their contact info. Hope this helps guys, good luck!

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NKD Magazine

November 30, 2016




Hey guys! So excited to share with you my feature spread in this seasons NKD magazine! I had the pleasure of speaking about not only about the DWTS show but what else I might be aspiring to do. I love and appreciate my fans so much, and this spread is all about you! I’m so lucky to have such loyal, amazing people support and love what I’m passionate about. Read more about my aspirations and a little sneak peek in the DWTS world! You can find it here.
Loves xx

The dress here is Self Portrait!

Winter Faux Fur

November 28, 2016






Today I’m so excited to share with you my collaboration with Revolve clothing! They have some amazing pieces that I think you guys will love! I know for me sometimes winter can be a little depressing especially if you live somewhere thats freezing cold! Am I right?! I do love that this season brings families closer together, the warmth of a fire place, hot cocoa and fur jackets πŸ™‚ Im loving my Revolve fur winter jacket, especially in this cold weather! It caught my eye and I had to get it! Something I’ve definitely never worn before, but i wanted to try something different and fun. I paired it with Hudson black high waisted jeans (trust me they are amazing), black simple boots, and a Revolve choker which I’m obsessed with! You can get exactly what I’m wearing below, as well as similar options! Let me know if you guys like what you see, and comment below if you have any suggestions of what you want to see more of.
Happy Monday folks!

similar boots
similar bag
similar jacket

Fall Fashion

November 16, 2016


I love this look for fall! So comfortable and warm for the cold (ish) weather. The white sweater can go with any pair of jeans and you can dress it up or down. Whether you are going to a christmas party or a soiree this sweater is perfect! I dressed this a little up with brown suede knee high boots and light denim jeans. I also wore a Mac Plum Liner to pull in some fall color! Β Find the products I wore below.

Hope you guys like it! xo Happy fall!
Photos by Cole Moser