November 21, 2017

Hello loves!!

I can’t even believe I’m writing this right now, but just in case you missed out, Team Franney Pack was in the Dancing With the Stars FINALE last night! I swear I have a permanent smile on my face that just won’t go away. This is SO exciting for Frankie and I because our journey to where we are now has been anything but easy. I have seen that kid work harder than ever, especially in these last few weeks. When this season started, I was honestly not 100% sure how it would go with Frankie and I. I had NO doubt in my mind that we would have fun, I mean Fun is basically what Frankie is made of! But when it came to the competition and the technical aspects of all our routines, I was a little worried. That was before I knew about Frankie’s work ethic and his CRAZY drive to do his best at all times. He is incredibly motivated and determined, and it has been a complete honor to dance with him this season!

Okay, so about last night. Our first routine was an upbeat Foxtrot that had me in this gorgeous, glittery dress. In love. As per usual, Mr. Frankie killed it and we received 38 out of 40.. I’ll take it! Then came our freestyle routine… I was initially planning on a funky dance that brought out Frankie’s goofy side, because who doesn’t love that, right? But then I got to thinking about how far Frankie has come, and how his dramatic transformation has inspired so many that I knew we had to do something big. I opted for an epic dance number that to me, reflected Frankie’s journey and all of his crazy hard word. I’m SO glad I chose to go that direction because the judges LOVED it! OH and no big deal, but we made the FINAL THREE!! This means that we are still in the competition and have a chance to dance for the Mirror Ball Trophy tonight! I am so excited I can’t even contain it! Haha make sure you tune in! And VOTE VOTE VOTE!

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Watch both of our routines below and let me know what you think!



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  • Reply Daniela December 3, 2017 at 9:53 pm

    I remember this was truly fun and amazing! It was the first night to find out who will be going in the final three- that was you guys! Two dances were incredible, wowed, amazing!! What more words tp describe do you want to hear?! Haha. Frankie literally did came this far but beyond far because of his determinations. I’m so glad that he doesn’t let his limits stops him due his injury. You guys are the rock team!

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