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My Go-To At-Home Workout Moves

January 23, 2018

Hey, babes! One of my favorite parts about January is how focused on health + wellness everyone gets! I’ll jump right on that bandwagon, because who doesn’t love a little extra motivation to be healthy?! I’ve learned that on really crazy days, the best way to get a quick sweat sesh in, is by just doing it at home! I swear it’s the easiest thing, just reserve 20-30 minutes during the day, roll out your yoga mat, and get started!

I listed a few of my go-to moves right here, but feel free to mix it up and get creative! Just make sure to take breaks and stay hydrated. Your body will definitely thank you! I usually do 10-15 reps of each move, 3x through.

ARMS: Push-ups for days! Regular old push-ups are STILL one of the most difficult exercises for me. I’m more motivated than ever to master them! If it’s too much on your toes and shoulders at first, lower down to your knees for a modified version.

LEGS + BOOTY: So many good ones here!

  • Lunge  – Take a step forward and lower down until both knees reach a 90-degree angle, then step back up. Just make sure your knee doesn’t come past your toes! 

  • Side Lunge – Same as above but step out to the side and then back to center.

  • Bridge Pose + Leg Raise – Lay on your back with feet on the floor + knees bent, then lift booty off the floor as high as you can. Lift one leg and lower back down. Then repeat! 

  • Side Donkey Kicks – While on hands + knees, raise and extend one leg out to the side. Tap your toe to the ground and raise back up. You should feel this one in your booty + outer thighs!


  • Classic crunches are always a good choice. You can also try bicycle crunches for a little more oblique action!

  • One of my favorite core strengtheners is shown below – lay on your back with shoulders off the ground, and slowly lower your straight legs until they’re just hovering. Then lift back up and start again!

  • Another fav is hip raises – start on your side like you see here and lift your straight leg up and back down to hover! I alwayyys feel the burn with this one. 

Have any more moves that you LOVE?? Comment below, I’m always lookin’ to try something new! Happy Sweating, loves!



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