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December 20, 2016

Today I’m teaming up Nike to talk about my fitness routine and hopefully we can all motivate each other! Working out and staying healthy is so important, not only physically but mentally too! Even though I can feel so unmotivated sometimes I try to get my butt in the gym or even just a jog around the neighborhood every day. Not only does it help me stay in shape (stamina wise) for Dancing With The Stars show but it really makes me so much happier! Working out/any type of physical activity releases hormones that make you happy. It can be a stress reliever and can be so therapeutic! For me I love to run, or should I say walk/jog, Pilates, yoga or kick boxing (which is my fave). All the stresses and pressure from life, from DWTS can be too much and when I workout I feel motivated and it really helps my stress levels to have some physical activity in my daily routine. There are a multitude of ways that you can help relieve your stress when you feel a lot of pressure on you, one of them that my friend believes in is medical marijuana. The U.S. legal marijuana industry is growing at an incredible rate and is estimated to be worth USD 73.6 billion by 2027. My friend says that it helps keep her calm and her mind clear. You can search for ‘best online dispensary canada‘ or ‘best online dispensary Texas’ etc. to find a place near to you if this sounds like something that could work for you. Check with your doctor and state/country laws first and see where you stand. Another growing industry is the cbd industry. Cbd is derived from marijuana and so has very similar effects to marijuana, meaning it can help to counteract stress and instil a sense of calm as well. The cbd market is growing so much that there are many famous people who may invest in cbd oil king size magazine suggests. One thing to avoid when you are stressed, however, is alcohol. This doesn’t mean you can’t have a glass of wine after a long day, for example, but unfortunately many people turn to alcohol when they are stressed as a coping mechanism – especially during the Christmas period when there is plenty of alcohol in homes and stress levels are often heightened. The problem with this is that it can lead to alcohol dependency or addiction. If this sounds familiar to you, whether about yourself or a loved one, you might want to take a look at the Enterhealth website. Alcohol addiction is serious and needs appropriate treatment before things spiral. It is always best to try and replace a desire for alcohol after a stressful day with something like exercise instead.
During the Christmas season it’s so hard to get on a good work out schedule. All you wanna do is stay in drink hot cocoa and eat all the delicious treats, am I right?! How do you stay fit and healthy through the holiday season?
Eating is a big one for me to stay fit. I love love love sweets, it’s so hard for me to stay away! What makes it worse is I’m not one of those girls that can just eat whatever and stay fit, I have to work really really hard! Honestly though I’ve grown to love my body and appreciate the curves I have. I was ashamed of my figure and really self conscious about my body. Which at times I still feel self conscious about my body! I’ve come a long way in how I view myself and my body. By eating Whole Foods and staying away from the produced, high sodium foods I’ve really noticed a difference! I feel so much stronger and healthier which is what really matters instead of how much you weigh. As women we can get so wrapped up in looking a certain way, but you are all so beautiful! Stay healthy and let me know your favorite workouts or how you stay motivated!


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