My Go-To’s for Warming Up Before a Workout!

July 11, 2017

Being a dancer my entire life I was taught how important it is to properly stretch and warm up my body before any kind of workout. Whether you’re a dancer like me, a basketball junkie like my hubby, or just love exercising in general, everyone must show their body some love and take care of it. Your best decision is finding your favorite stretches and exercises to warm up with before you hit the gym, go out on a run or step into the dance studio. Not only will your heart rate gradually increase to prepare for the exercise, but it will loosen up your muscles to prevent any kind of injuries! I normally do fasted cardio, so that I get the best possible results from my workout. I know that working out on an empty stomach might be difficult for some, but for me, it works amazingly. You should try it if you haven’t done so already!

Here are some of my go-to stretches and cardio warm ups that prep my body for the workout I am about to take on!

  • I usually start out with a deep runner’s stretch to warm up my hamstrings and inner thighs! Start out with 45 seconds on your left side and then alternate to 45 seconds on your right side.

  • Next I do 3 rounds of high knees! This is great for getting your heart rate up. Start with high knees for 30 seconds. Rest. And repeat 3 more times.

  • Next I’ll do about a minute of a plié/relevé series to warm up my calves and legs! They look a little something like this!

  • Lastly, I’ll sprinkle in a few of my favorite stretches to get that extra increased flexibility and range of motion before my workout!


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