DWTS Recap: Disney Night

October 17, 2017

Hey, guys! So, last night I lived out the fantasy of literally every little girl ever! I got to dance along to Disney music in a ballroom full of beautiful people dressed to the NINES. Can we talk about DREAMY?? Frankie and I were assigned the Argentine Tango, and I was excited because this has always been one of my favorite genres! Our routine was prettttyyy steamy too, and don’t even get me started on our amazing costumes – SO fun! I know I’m always going on and on about Frankie and how great he is as a partner, but this week, he really did hit a new level of awesome. Yes, I’m talking about our almost catastrophic wardrobe malfunction. There was one spot about halfway through the dance where my heel got caught in the back of my dress, and I thought we were going down for sure… Haha but man, was I wrong! Frankie is thankfully such a powerhouse performer, that he kept right on going, and I kept right on spinning, and the slip-up went basically unnoticed! YES, Frankie. Just yes.

AND that’s not even the best part! Our Pirates of the Caribbean themed Tango was also a huge hit with the judges…We received a 29 out of 30! That’s our best score yet! Now you’ve gotta vote vote vote to keep us afloat!

Watch our routine below and click HERE to vote 🙂

Love you guys, have the best day! I’m off to celebrate my 24th B-day with the sweet hubs <3




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  • Daniela December 3, 2017 at 9:59 am

    I LOVE DISNEY NIGHT! It’s one of my favorites in the show! What can I say about this dance? I love, love, love it so much. However, I remember I was lost about what was going on because I didn’t get it what y’all talked about. Then, on the news talked about your wardrobe malfunctioned– I was like, whaaaaa? I didn’t even notice. So I had to re-watch the video carefully, I couldn’t find where. Then on the PEOPLE magazine showed me the short clip of that- I was like OH THAT?! Wow, I was super impressed how Frankie kept going! As I mentioned about Flamenco, it happened to me that I messed up during staging but nobody noticed (except mom and my teacher) because I went to flow quickly as if it never happened. Just like this, Frankie went to flow with you if it never happened. SO COOL!