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My Night-Time Beauty Routine

May 25, 2017

For these past couple months while living in LA, my life has revolved around Dancing With the Stars, red carpet appearances, and endless photoshoots. With all this camera time comes full-on glam makeup all day, everyday… and I’ve learned that having a consistent and thorough night time beauty regimen is SO important if you want to keep your skin feeling and looking refreshed, hydrated, and most importantly clear of acne or blemishes. Read along as I share all the beauty products that I use every night to keep my skin looking camera-ready and feeling fresh!

Witney Carson Beauty

  1. L’Oréal Eye Makeup Remover – First I like to start with removing my eye makeup! I’ve been in search of a gentle makeup remover that’s still tough on eyeshadow, waterproof mascara and eyeliner. I’ve been loving this formula by L’Oreal because it removes everything but is still soft on my skin.
  2. Ponds Cold Cream Cleanser – I like to use this cold cream cleanser to take off my face makeup! This remover can be used for removing your eye makeup as well, but I love using it specifically on my face because it feels like your applying a moisturizing cream!
  3. Clinique Face Exfoliating Scrub – Next I cleanse my face with this amazing exfoliating scrub. This gentle yet effective scrub is skin-clearing & water-based which is especially great for my skin. It de-flakes, refines and softens tiny lines while leaving my skin feeling super refreshed.
  4. Herbivore Rose Water Spray – I’m obsessed with anything rose-infused, and this rose hibiscus coconut water spray is to die for. So light and hydrating, I usually spray this on right after I exfoliate my face!
  5. GlamGlow Hydrating Mask – Hydration is key to maintaining a plump and moisturized glow to your skin. I can’t stress enough the benefits of using a face mask at least once or twice week. My mask of choice is this hydrating mask by GlamGlow!
  6. Estee Lauder Night Repair Eye Cream – Next I focus on my eye area. Since the skin around your eyes is very thin and more prone to dark circles and lines, I ALWAYS use an eye repair serum before bedtime. This serum by Estee Lauder is rich and silky and reduces the look of every key visible sign of eye aging!
  7. Estee Lauder Lip Conditioner – Last but not least, I make sure to use a lip conditioner at night time! So often we forget about moisturizing our lips so this is the perfect conditioner to wear overnight as an intensive moisture treatment!

And there you have it… my Night-Time Beauty Routine! Don’t forget to shop all the products below!




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