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Pregnancy Must-Haves

November 21, 2020

During this long 9 month pregnancy I’ve found some of my absolute must-haves to survive! A lot of moms have recommended these products to me to get me through and I have to say they have seriously helped! Hopefully this helps you too- & if you have any other suggestions please let me know below in the comments.

The biggest issue for me has been sleep in these last few months. A lot of people have recommended this pregnancy pillow, and I have loved it! Allows me to get a better sleep than I really thought possible.

Another good must-have has been Belly Bandit V-Sling, sounds intimating but I promise you, you’ll thank me later!

Here are a few others that I think you’d like, at least for me they have been essential!

Comfy Robe , Ugg Slippers, Belly Bandit Leggings, Diffuser w/ Deep breathe essential oil, and Mario Badescu refreshing facial spray!

Hope these help you if you’re pregnant or someone you love is expecting! xx,


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