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Shop the Look: How to Style Black on Black

April 11, 2018

Hi loves! I know it’s Spring and we can’t wait to throw on all of our floral dresses and off-the-shoulder tops, but there are still times even during this season where you feel like rocking an all-black ensemble. Nothing says seriously chic like a classic black on black outfit. I personally am obsessed with the black on black trend; I think it’s so flattering and elegant when done right! I wanted to share some tips with you that will help this look come together beautifully!

First of all, don’t be afraid to play with your textures. Since your going with a monochromatic color scheme, you really need to rely on the different fabrics + fits to spice the outfit up. I’m loving all things velvet right now, especially since it’s still a tiny bit chilly out! One of the best perks of wearing an all-black outfit is that the color is naturally very slimming. Make sure to capitalize on this by wearing either pants or a blazer that is form-fitting and tailored to your specific body type!

Don’t be afraid to really go for it with the footwear choice here! I paired my look below with an amazing pair of platform heels (which I seriously cannot get enough of – click below to shop!) Another black on black trick is to add pops of color or metallics with your accessories. I love bold + gold statement pieces when it comes to jewelry, and I’m always a fan of adding a colorful purse or jacket into the mix!

Love your all black outfits? Share your styling tips below, I’d love to hear from you all!



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