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How to Stick To & Crush Your New Year’s Resolutions!

January 9, 2018

Hi there babes! With the first official work week of 2018 in full swing, it can be easy to let those New Year’s resolutions you made over the holiday break get lost is the everyday hustle. Having the right tools to help you not only stick to your New Year’s resolutions but actually CRUSH them is absolutely necessary for a successful year of goal hitting! I’m really feeling these positive 2018 vibes, and I can’t wait to see what this fresh new year brings!

Did you guys make any resolutions for the New Year? I know I did, and trust me, I need all the help I can get! Don’t get me wrong, there’s no magic solution, sometimes crushing those resolutions just takes some good old fashioned discipline. BUT if we have correct intentions and careful strategy when setting goals or making resolutions, we are SO much more likely to actually attain them!

Here’s the easiest tip to remember when goal-setting: Make sure your goals are SMART. That stands for specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-oriented! I’ve also found that writing down your goals and putting them somewhere you’ll see every day (on the fridge, bathroom mirror, etc.) totally helps!

Here is a little roundup of all the tools that have helped me stick to my resolutions:

  1. Fist step… get organized! I love a good planner, I keep mine in my purse and literally use it every day. From planning out my day to reminding myself to stop and breathe, this little guy is a lifesaver!
  2. Don’t forget, the first step to killing those goals is a good night’s sleep! I tend to forget how important it is to get enough rest, and am always amazed at how energized and productive I am when I get those full eight hours! Having issues catching those zzz’s?? There are always ways to get a better nights sleep by using Oil Diffusers, lowering the temperature in the home, or even going down the alternative route of visiting a Canada Cannabis Dispensary, for example, as the use of medical marijuana products is said to help people suffering from insomnia/having trouble sleeping. Once you figure this out, you’ll be feeling refreshed and well your way to fulfilling those dreams!
  3. To go along with that crisp, new planner invest in some fun pens! It might be the kid in me here, but I swear I am wayyy more likely to actually write stuff down if I have a pretty pen. Haha and I LOVE these little guys from Bando!
  4. Get yourself a good read! A book like this one will definitely help you to shape the life you dream of along with inspiring you along every step of the way.
  5. I don’t know about you guys, but healthy eating is definitely on my to-do list this year! I know a lot of people say this as one of their resolutions, but don’t end up sticking to it. No one said it was going to be easy, but if yous stick to it, hopefully when the end of the year comes, you’ll be able to say that you did it! We can all do with some help at times, which is why checking out some nutritional tips here could help you on your way to eating healthier.

    Meal prepping is so much easier if you have the crucial kitchen gadgets! I am obsessed with this personal sized blender that makes whipping up healthy smoothies + protein shakes so fun and easy!

I’d love to hear from you guys if you have any other tips for setting goals or sticking to resolutions!



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