Summer Beach Wave Hair Tutorial

July 24, 2018

Hi Babes!

We are fully in the summer swing of things and I am loving it! I often struggle in the summertime, because I want to do my hair but I’m always nervous how it will last with the heat and humidity that comes along with this time of year. However, I have found my favorite summer hair-do that makes my hair look voluminous, fresh, and styled all day long- beach waves! I love rocking beach waved hair all day long. With the help of my T3 SinglePass Wave and R+Co Sail Soft Wave Spray my hair stays in place all day and leaves me with the best glam beach waves! Check out my video to see how I achieve this look!

I start by separating my hair into different sections. I then take my T3 SinglePass Wave and wrap my hair around the wand. I leave the ends of my hair out of the wand for a straighter, more beach wave look. Keep sectioning off different pieces of your hair and repeat this step. When finished I run my fingers through my hair to separate the curls, creating a looser and fuller effect. Lastly, I spray the R+Co Sail Soft Wave Spray and flip my hair around to get that effortless beach wave look.

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