Workout Hairstyles

July 17, 2018

Hey Loves!

I love how my new athletic-wear line, Capri, lets me combine my love for fitness and fashion. However, I also always try to incorporate my love for beauty while working out as well. I often get stuck throwing up my hair in the typical ponytail before working out, however, I always love to mix up my hairstyles in order to give me a little extra motivation while working out. I mean if you look good while working out, you’re automatically going to feel better about your workout. Check out my favorite hairstyles that keep your hair in place and allow you to burn those calories below!

Classic Ponytail: A ponytail is always my go to look, especially when I’m in a rush. Since my hair is pretty long, I prefer to always put my hair up while working out, so I don’t get distracted by it being in my face. I helped make this pony fun by adding a pastel scrunchie and quickly running a curler through my ponytail to add some waves.

Boxer Braids: Boxer braids or French braids are perfect for a workout. Dutch braids would work just as great too (check out this dutch braid vs french braid article to see the difference between the two), but I will always go for French. Although this hairdo takes a little more time to create, it’s the best option for keeping your hair in place all day. You can also pancake out your braids by lightly pulling apart each section of your braid. By doing so your braid will spread apart, creating a fuller and thicker looking braid. I love rocking this look while rehearsing for Dancing with Stars.

Low Ponytail + Hat: A low pony and hat are another one of my favorite sporty looks. This is perfect for when you have to run somewhere after a workout as it allows you to hide your hair if it is greasy or sweaty from working out. This look is also always a must for me when I’m working outside in the sun, as I make sure to protect my face while working out.

Let me know your favorite ways to style your hair while working, and make sure to sign up for announcements for my new line Capri!

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