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My Favorite Swimwear Trends for Summer!

April 12, 2018

Hi, babes! It was literally snowing this morning in Utah, so obviously, I’ve been uncontrollably daydreaming about Summer. My trip to Mexico a few weeks ago put me in such a beach mood, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about laying on beaches and soaking up that much needed sunshine! That being said, I can’t wait to get my swimsuit shopping on.. The styles that are trending this season are SO cute, I seriously cannot get enough. I know that swimwear shopping can be a little overwhelming, especially when we all have different styles and body types. I wanted to share with you guys a few of my go-tos when looking for a fresh, new bathing suit! Happy shopping, friends! And I hope you’re ready for those carefree, sunny days of Summer – they’re just around the corner!

  • High rise bottoms – I love the flattering + vintage look of high rise bottoms. These are also the perfect fit for you tall babes with longer torsos! And for us shorter girlies, I swear this look makes our legs look longer! Check out this fun print from Lolli Swim.
  • Ribbed one pieces – I’m loving the fun texture that this style is bringing to the game right now. It’s a super cute + casual addition to a solid colored one piece, like this red beauty from Seafolly..I can’t get enough! I love a good cheeky one piece and would recommend that you should try one too.
  • High neck top – I love this look for any sort of beachy hiking or outdoor activities because it has a good amount of coverage and actually stays in place! Plus it’s a really flattering look that can be worn with a cute pair of shorts for an effortless to-and-from beach outfit!
  • Polka dots – How fun is this print? I’m so excited that polka dots are a thing right now, because honestly I’ve always been a fan! This yellow + white one piece is the cutest! I can totally picture myself in this suit, rocking a pair of cat eye sunnies, and sipping on something fruity 🙂
  • Smocked bandeaus – This look is super cute for some poolside lounging + sunny beach days. I think it’s such a fun look, and as a bonus, no strappy tan lines!

What are your favorite swim styles for Summer? Comment below!



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