My Protein Smoothie Recipe

June 28, 2018

Hi Friends!

One of my favorite summer recipes is a smoothie. Smoothies are perfect for the hot weather as they are refreshing and filling. I love how you can create so many different flavors, and they can be super healthy for you as well. When I need a quick and easy meal on the go, blending a smoothie together is my go-to move. Check out my favorite protein smoothie recipe below! It’s perfect for a post-workout meal, or for lounging by the pool!

First, I start off with a cup of ice. I then mix my Garden of Life Raw Organic Vegan Protein Powder into the blender. I use this blender all the time and I’m so glad that I bought it. I read so many reviews on blenders at Kitchen Habit (and other similar websites) before buying it, but I think I made the right choice. This blender is fantastic and I use it pretty much every day! If I’m looking for something a little more filling, I will add in protein powder to my smoothie. I love the nutrients and ingredients that are in this powder. Plus, it adds a delicious taste to the smoothie as well. Next, I cut up a banana or two and add it into the mix. I also love to add a tablespoon of honey into the mix as well for an extra sweet taste. Finally, mix in almond milk to help with the liquid consistency of the smoothie. It’s a delicious recipe but you can tweak it to however you like. The important thing is that it has lots of healthy protein in it (particularly after a workout!)

Blend all together and enjoy!


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