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My Favorite Workout Apps

Hey Friends! If I told you to ask 10 women how they felt about their bodies, what do you think they would say? Do you think many would say they feel happy and confident? Or do you think many would say they’ve considered having…

June 21, 2018

What’s in my Gym Bag + Exciting Announcement!

Hey Babes! I’m so excited to announce my new activewear line, ‘CAPRI.’ I’ve been working so hard on coming up with some amazing products for you guys, and I CANNOT wait for you to see! I love making working out fun by wearing cute…

June 12, 2018

What I Eat in a Day

Hey Friends! I love sharing fitness tips with you, and an important part of fitness is also your diet. While I love a good dessert or fast food run here and there, it is super important to take care of your body and fill…

June 5, 2018
Featured Fitness Lifestyle

My Go-To Summer Workouts

Hey Friends! Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is super important to me. I’m really into health and wellness so a healthy lifestyle is vital for me. I’m always doing whatever I can to stay healthy to try and prevent getting ill in the future. I’ve…

May 29, 2018
Featured Fitness Lifestyle

Current Workout Obsession: Pilates!

Hi babes! As most of you know, aiming for a healthy lifestyle and taking care of my body is something that I’m very passionate about! Being a professional dancer, I need to make sure that I’m treating my body well and staying strong even…

March 6, 2018
Featured Fitness Lifestyle

#GetInMotion with Tampax Pearl Active

Calling all the LADIES! Let’s get real for a few. With life moving as fast as it does, amid the nonstop craziness of our day-to-day, nobody has time for periods anymore… Am I right?? And if you’re like me, enjoying an incredibly active lifestyle…

February 16, 2018